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During COVID-19 Restrictions
In order to allow single rider carts in a manner that protects the safety of both staff and customers in alignment with the Tri-County Health guidelines, the following procedures have been implemented.
1) Golf Carts Carts will be allowed under the following conditions:

       a. Only ONE rider and ONE bag will be allowed per cart unless both riders live in the same household.
            i. Riders may not switch places with other players during the round with the use of single rider carts.
            ii. Players who want to ride together must provide proof of residency.
            iii. Golf carts that are authorized with two riders from the same household will be marked with an Orange Ribbon tied to the front roof support on the driver side.
            iv.  Anyone who is found to be riding without a ribbon will be given one warning and if they are caught a second time, they will be asked to leave the course.

       b. Four (4) Single Rider carts will be allowed per foursome.
       c. Carts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Carts may not be reserved or requested.
            i.  Please be prepared to walk in the event a cart is not available.
            ii. Players requiring accommodation for a disability may request a golf cart at the time of booking or by calling the Golf Shop 24 hours in advance.
2) Single Rider Golf Carts will be rented at the following rates:

       a. 18-Holes - $25.00 single rider
       b. 9-Holes - $15.00 single rider
       c. Twilight - $20.00 single rider
3) Dual Rider Golf Carts with riders of the same household will be rented at normal rates: 

       a. 18-Holes - $18.00 per rider
       b. 9-Holes - $9.00 per rider
       c. Twilight - $15.00 per rider
4) Carts will be cleaned and sanitized as follows

       a. Cart staff will wear the required PPE
            i. Disposable rubber gloves
            ii. Safety glasses/goggles or face shield
            iii. Long sleeve shirt or jacket
            iv. Long pants
            v. Closed-toe shoes

       b. Carts will have trash removed.

       c. Carts will then be sprayed with a 1/3 bleach to 1 gallon of water solution.
            i. Steering wheel, seat, seat handles, console, switches, roof, roof supports, back rack area, and handles.
            ii. Bleach solution must sit on surfaces for 2 minutes.

       d. Carts will then be power washed.

       e. Staff will periodically wash their hands or use hand sanitizer
Single Rider Carts are rented on a First Come, First Served basis. Carts are limited, so be prepared to walk if no carts are available for your group.  Pull carts are available for rent if no carts are available.