Code of Conduct

CommonGround Golf Course takes great pride in the quality of its customers, visitors, staff, and golf facilities. This Code of Conduct is intended to ensure a safe, friendly, and respectful place for customers, visitors, and staff to gather in the spirit of cooperation, good will, fun, and friendly competition.

This Code of Conduct gives examples of acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Please note that the privilege of any individual to utilize CommonGround Golf Course may be denied, suspended or terminated if it is determined to be in the best interest of CommonGround Golf Course. Any individual or party whose conduct disrupts the operation of the facility or creates a disturbance to the detriment of the operation, staff, customers, or visitors of the facility, will be asked to leave the facility immediately by staff and may be subject to additional administrative or legal action.

All golfers and/or visitors at CommonGround Golf Course are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that:
  • Creates an environment and culture that is reflective of the personal integrity and respect documented in the Rules of Golf where it is written that we are capable of enforcing rules upon ourselves with honesty, integrity, and good sportsmanship. The same integrity, honesty, and good will are expected whether on the golf course, in the clubhouse or present on any other portion of the property.
  • Is free of discrimination or any form of harassing behavior to fellow golfers, visitors, or staff.
  • Acknowledges CommonGround facilities as a customer and family friendly environment and refrains from using obscenities, excessively loud or otherwise inappropriate behavior.
  • Observes proper etiquette on and off the golf course and when present at any portion of the facility.
  • Shows the utmost respect and dignity to fellow golfers, visitors, and staff.
  • Demonstrates an understanding that golfers and visitors have no authority to instruct staff in job performance and duties.
  • Is vigilant in reporting real or perceived safety hazards to staff or management.
  • Is not denigrate, talk down to, ridicule, or scream at fellow golfers, visitors, or staff members and does not create unnecessary divisiveness in any way.
  • Does not misrepresent their position or authority to others.
  • Follows the published dress code.
  • Complies with all facility rules.
  • Complies with golf staff, restaurant staff, maintenance staff, and/or Colorado Golf Association staff requests.
  • Does not interfere with the ability of customers and/or staff to use the golf course for its intended purpose.
  • Acknowledges that only alcoholic beverages purchased at the facility are permitted on the premises and that privately-owned coolers are not permitted on the premises.
Any customer or visitor who violates or fails to observe the CommonGround Golf Course Code of Conduct may be sanctioned as follows:
  • Issuance of a verbal warning.
  • Issuance of a written warning.
  • Suspension of his/her playing privileges for a defined period of time.
  • Permanent suspension of his/her playing privileges.
  • Revocation of his/her Annual Pass and/or Lifetime Pass without monetary reimbursement.
  • Removal from the facility.
  • Monetary restitution for damage to property.
  • Forfeiture of all fees paid.
10300 E. Golfers Way, Aurora, CO 80010